Saturday, April 30, 2011

hey all!

i think all of you especially friends will boring when read my blog as it is only about, i want to mix this blog about me and kpop~SO IHOPE THAT ALL OF U WILL HAPPY READ MY BLOG!FARHAH~FIGHTING!

hey..i'm here!

wow!i have not open my blog for 1 month!miss u!!well..i am too busy at school!~dod not have time to on9 facebook,twitter and so on!...a'a~btw i know that all of u had know about u-kiss new song!title 0330!their song is fabulous!nad them dal shabet had htier new song too!i do not remember their titile~but its ouhke..a'a!n then 4minute also had new song!title miror..if u wanto to hear that song u must watch at astro byond..OMG you must here their song!!right now!!=")