Sunday, March 13, 2011

[Music] 'U-KISS' New member Album Jacket Shooting ('유키스, 새 멤버와 앨범 재킷 촬영)

WOW!!u must watch this!!there are u-kiss new member!!they look so happy~i hope that they will make us happy as kibum n alex had been terminated from u-kiss..i hope u guys happy watch this video!gamsahamninda!

korean artis at JAPAN

i am sure that u all know about earthquake at JAPAN..if u want to know there are many korean artist go there before the earthquake happen..they are KARA,2NE1,DGNA N MORE!BUT when the earthquake happen..kara n the other korean groups had go to korea...but DGNA still at JAPAN..i dont know why there are not go back to korea~they tell about their condition in TWITTER..i hope that all the people at JAPAN safe...