Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wow!this will shock you!

i was so kibum n alex want to leave U-KISS!WOW!just look this!

A shocking news just hit the fans today about UKiss members Xander and Kibum leaving their group.

Kibum explained on his twitter about the reason why he need to leave UKiss and also talk his about it feelings about it.

He said:

Hello, I am Ukiss’s Kibum.
No, accurately, i am Kibum who had once worked with Ukiss.

Two months passed and i’m finally gathering the courage to write a message.
of course, to conclude it, i must say that starting february 2011, i had an exclusive contract termination agreement with our company.
The company, who wanted to switch members, after requesting revocation, created it, after that day, i was no longer a part of Ukiss.
Like many people thought, in order to mold to the piro piro character business…
I believe it is completely different from leaving because of lack of interest.

Treasuring and thinking preciously of Ukiss, like nobody else could, i am proud that i never let the piro piro business interfere with any ukiss schedules..
I’ve always thought of Ukiss, members that are like my family. although my heart is sorrowed with the thought of leaving my members, i respect the company’s opinion that ukiss might possibly need a replacement due to my lacking skills.

And like this, although this is how we come to separate, i was able to learn so many things and i am so thankful that i could meet so many people, and my ukiss members.
To the people who had loved me, i’m saddened and sorry thinking of the big wounds i will give to them. i expect to participate in programs for a little while more.
no matter where i am, no matter what i do, i thank all of you who will support me, i will come to find you as a broadcaster and a businessman.

Thank you.

After withdrawal Kibum will be focusing on their business him and his brother Kim Hyung Jun put up. But what do you guys think? Does he deserve to be replace?

Hoping for the best for you Kibum!

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Authors note:
I'm guessing about him asking by the company to be replace, the new member will have some antis. ^_^

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